If you are thinking of joining this course, stop thinking and join now! I would introduce it to everyone without, even a tiny, hesitation. Kostas is absolutely fantastic, with a rare ability of transferring his passion for acting and sharing his valuable and impressive knowledge and experience (and this is said by a person that has worked with a number of drama instructors).
In my view this course is not only about acting, but also a way of living: Thursday evenings are unmissable and necessary for discovering more things about myself, finding my limits and then, breaking them, learning how to co – exist with other people -people that you do not necessarily “match” in “real” life- with love and respect which becomes deep friendship; creating… challenging myself in a collaborative environment with inspirational guidance. What happens is almost magical: you pass through the door (or as I call it, the magical gate) and suddenly a new world full of new opportunities is open in front of your very eyes: a world in which it doesn’t matter what you wear, how is your hair, if you were good at this professional meeting or if you made a good impression at that interview, or if your boss is happy with your performance. The only thing that matters is your inner truth, which you share with other people and their own truth.
To conclude,  in my experience, joining these classes will be a statement for yourself: a desire for continuous self discovery, self improvement, and building the integrity of your soul.